Caitlyn Cumgusher from Futanaria

Colossal Cocked Cats Attack – I dressed Caitlyn Cumgusher and Dara Danglemore up as cats and let these two horney hotties have at each other. A lot happens, but all I have to say is both of these girls are glazed in cum at the end! When I introduced Caitlyn to Dara I knew right away that these two wildcats had a lot of chemistry. They start out gently carressing each other's bodies. In no time at all, they peel away at their tops. Breasts exposed, their gigantic dongs rub together. Then, they take turns ramming each other in the rear. First, Caitlyn rams her dick into Dara's butt cheeks, then Dara returns the favor by exploring Catlyn's bottom with her super-sized serpent. Then the girls suck their own dicks off until cum is spurting in their faces. They love the feeling of the warm goo so much that they scoop up jizz puddles from the couch and splatter even more on their face! Then they wobble their giant slippery cocks together and jack off together!
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